Mandatory expansion of the FUNA brand

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After a long path of development around the topic of aerogenic disinfection and gaining experience with many different disinfection products, we decided to develop our own disinfection product. The cause was the dissatisfaction with the properties of existing products on the market. Either there was a lack of effectiveness of the product or of material compatibility with common materials. Obviously, an own formulation with optimization on two aspects had to be made.

The effectiveness against the expected spectrum of germs when using aerogenic disinfection must be achieved and there must be sufficient material compatibility when used with FUNA precision nebulizers.

The use of hydrogen peroxide was consensus from the start. In contrast to competitive products, we have refused to use silver derivatives. Taking these requirements into account, we developed the current disinfection products, which you can find in the FUNA area.

The bureaucratic challenges were more than high for engineers in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Thanks to competent advice and support, however, we have also overcome this hurdle.

Our disinfection products are registered with the BauA and, as required by the European directive on biocide registration, are in the EU approval process. The products are therefore registered under European law, proof of effectiveness provided by accredited laboratories and all documents submitted on time.

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