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FUNA product groups

The FUNA brand includes precision nebulizers for the defined nebulization of fluids. These may be agents for disinfection in hospitals, in food producing companies and all facilities where a low-germ or sterile environment is required. It may also be demineralized water which is to be nebulized with high precision. FUNA devices are based on ultrasonic technology. The technological spectrum ranges from nebulizers with manual control to high-precision nebulizers emitting, recording and logging the specifiable fluid levels in the selected period.



W-FUN is suitable for precise nebulization and volumetric determination of small amounts of fluid. They may be used in wall installations or on the optional trolley. The maximum nebulization amount is approx. 350 ml/h. Logging of the nebulized quantities is done in the device and can be exported via USB. Up to six programmes can be used, which are selected via the rotary press switch.

Accessories W-FUN

Among the available accessories for W-FUN are the level lance for the intake from an external fluid container, hoses for fluid management and other components.



The U-FUN is designed for nebulizing FUNA disinfection product RS05. Each aerosol outlet of the universal nebuliser can be controlled individually via a remote control. The compact design enables stationary integration within housed production chains, as well as the use of the FUNA trolley for mobile use. The disinfection product is supplied by an integrated suction pump. With the help of optional aerosol hoses, the application can even be directed selectively.



The mobile precision nebulizer raX is specially designed for the aerogenic disinfection of surfaces in closed rooms. He also works with the disinfection product FUNA RS05. The omnidirectional application of the active ingredient mist leads to an even distribution in the room. The QBE (quantity-based extraction) is integrated for reducible processes. This means that rooms validated by the factory service can be repeatedly loaded with the determined parameters. The disinfection performance of the system was verified by testing in an accredited laboratory according to prEN17272.

It is operated via a touch screen or a device of your choice with a browser and wifi.

The raX is used by our disinfection team.

FUNA disinfection products

The disinfection products of the FUNA brand are based on the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. We are convinced that we do not use silver derivatives. The disinfection products are offered in different concentrations. The RTUs (ready to use) have a concentration of 1-5% hydrogen peroxide. Concentrates are also available on request. The concentrations are always part of the product name.

All products have been registered and are in the decision-making process for approval in accordance with the Biocide Ordinance at ECHA.

FUNA disinfection products are supplied in 20l containers. Different container sizes are available on request.

Use biocidal products carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use!


Disinfectant with 1% hydrogen peroxide for surface disinfection.

BAuA registration number N-70586


Disinfectant with 2% hydrogen peroxide for surface disinfection.

BAuA registration number N-70587


Disinfectant with 3% hydrogen peroxide for surface disinfection.

BAuA registration number N-70585


Disinfectant with 5% hydrogen peroxide for surface disinfection. Suitable and tested for aerogenic disinfection with the mobile precision nebulizer FUNA raX.

BAuA registration number N-70584

Accessories FUNA

Accessories FUNA

FUNA includes all the accessories for FUNA-branded products.