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AIRWIN product groups

The AIRWIN portfolio, which is constantly further developed, includes ultrasonic humidifiers for a wide range of applications. The modular design of the series and the flexible possibilities of use offer a wide spectrum with humidification capacities ranging from 0.5 kg/h to 25.2 kg/h. The excellent controllability does not only recommend these devices for applications such as measuring and testing laboratories, but also for use in air ducts. In the context of sustainability of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, humidification plays a central role. The AIRWIN portfolio is rounded off by control and monitoring units.

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Duct air humidification

Central air humidification is implemented with the NKBD 3.1 and NKBD series. The humidification capacities range from 3.6 kg/h up to 25.2 kg/h. For larger requirements, humidification groups consisting of several duct humidifiers can be used. A positive effect of adiabatic humidification according to the ultrasonic principle is the cooling of the air.


The NKBD-6…42/3.1 series has a performance range from 3.6 to 25.2 kg/h humidification capacity. The ultrasonic humidifier for installation in the air duct is already equipped with the control board PCB AIRWIN 3.1 and offers an extended range of functions such as improved thermal management, MODBUS RTU, operating and collective error messages via potential-free connections, as well as the improved hygiene management AquaDrain plus.


Series expires

The AIRWIN series NKBD is made of hygienically impeccable stainless steel and equipped with the cyclic drainage system AquaDrain. The NKBD is applied in air ducts. Output ranges from 3.60 kg/h (NKBD-6) to 25.2 kg/h (NKBD-42).

The proportional control of the ultrasonic humidifier is operated with standard control signals. For high output requirements, several NKBDs can be connected and combined to form humidifying groups and can therefore be used in a flexible way.

Accessories - Duct air humidification

The accessories for the NKBD can be installed easily and quickly, even when retrofitted. The mounting frame can take up several humidifiers.

Direct room air humidification

The series RB/P and RB/P-D are designed for direct room air humidification. With an available humidification capacity ranging from 1 kg/h to 8 kg/h and an integrated cross flow fan, they are the ideal solution for air conditioning with humidity inside a room.

The RB/P-D is equipped with the cyclic drainage system AquaDrain ensuring especially hygienic operation.


This series is designed for direct humidification of the room air. Wherever humidification via the ventilation system is not possible or there is no ventilation system, decentralized devices must be used. Prominent examples are climatic chambers or in offices. The humidifiers with the addition 3.1 are based on the PCB AIRWIN 3.1 control board and offer all the relevant functions, such as status messages, MODBUS RTU, improved thermal management and AquaDrain plus.


Series expires

RB/P-D is used for direct room air humidification. With a humidification capacity ranging from 1.2 to 8 kg/h, the air can be conditioned with humidity. Proportional control allows the use of common control signals. The compact design even allows for subsequent installation of this series. Applications range from greenhouses, museums and churches to fruit and vegetable businesses or measuring laboratories due to the precise operation of the control signal.


The RB/P-2…16/A series is designed for direct room humidification. The series has a performance range from 1.0 kg/h to 8.0 kg/h. These humidifiers are controlled with common analog control signals, such as 0-10 V DC or 4-20 mA. Alternatively, a one or two-stage hygrostat can also be connected. The RB/P-2… 16/A does not have the AquaDrain plus hygiene management.

Accessories - Direct room air humidification

Special accessories for direct room air humidification such as wall cabinets and leakage basins easy installation.

Universal air humidification

The universal humidifiers can be used in many different applications. The modular design and the easy adaptation to the application are particular characteristics of the series UB 1.. 4 which can be equipped with a dual fan, an integrated continuous controller CT1 or a remote control. For humidification outputs of more than 2kg/h, the series UB-8 and UB-12/18/24 are available. All universal humidifiers are equipped with the cyclic drainage system AquaDrain.


The DRC was developed for applications under harsh environmental conditions. The component selection is based on the protection class of IP54 or higher. The DRC can be used directly in the room or work in bypass. The electronics are separated from the fluid area so that even highly humid air is not an issue. The DRC already relies on PCB AIRWIN 3.1 and is equipped with AquaDrain plus. The optional Bypass kit is required for operation in bypass.


The UB-1...4/3.1 series is based on the control board generation PCB AIRWIN 3.1 with some additional functions, such as improved thermal management, revised solenoid valve control, MODBUS RTU and the hygiene management AquaDrain plus. The functionality remains as usual, in order to be able to use the multitude of functions, a new connector is used. If you want to work with a remote control, you can purchase it as an option and connect it directly to the UB-1...4/3.1.

UB-1…4/3.1 CT

The UB-1...4/CT/3.1 series uses the PCB AIRWIN 3.1 PCB and has an integrated continuous controller. The connection of a humidity sensor directly to the universal humidifier is sufficient to set up a compact and precise humidification system. The aerosol outlet pipes enable the targeted guidance and distribution of the humidified air. The series is equipped with the AquaDrain plus hygiene management system.


Series expires

The AIRWIN series of universal humidifiers with a capacity of 0.5 - 2 kg/h can be used in a flexible way. In addition to the integrated continuous controller BO CT1 for the universal humidifiers CT, ultrasonic humidifiers with wired remote control are also available. Proportional control with external signals such as 0-10 V is also an option. The integrated AIRWIN AquaDrain cycle ensures hygienic operation. This series was developed for high-precision local humidification.


The universal humidifier UB-8/3.1 with a humidification output of max. 4 kg/h can be used flexibly. The 8 aerosol outlet pipes enable the targeted guidance and distribution of the humidified air. The humidifier is supplied with 48 V AC voltage. The humidification output can be controlled with one or two-stage hygrostats, continuous proportional control signals such as 0-10 V-DC or 4-20 mA, or with the optional wired remote control. The UB-8/3.1 is equipped with the hygiene management AquaDrain plus, current measurement of the actuators and the MODBUS RTU for communication.


Series expires

AIRWIN UB/P-D8 with a capacity of up to 4 kg/h belongs to the universal humidifiers. In addition to the stainless steel housing with removable hood, it is equipped with an AquaDrain system. An integrated solenoid valve combination is responsible for the task of cyclic drainage and pipe irrigation during commissioning.

Regulation and control can be done via wired remote control, in on/off mode by a hygrostat or for precise proportional control with standard input signals such as 0-10 V.

The UB/P-8 is identical, apart from the cyclic drainage system AquaDrain.


The UB-12...24/3.1 series is with 6-12 kg/h humidification capacity the most powerful class of universal humidifiers. The device can be controlled by ON-OFF operation or stepless with a continuously proportional control signal such as 0-10 V-DC or 4-20 mA. The AquaDrain plus hygiene management, MODBUS RTU, monitoring of the actuators, potential-free status and collective fault messages are part of the integrated functions.


Series expires

The universal ultrasonic humidifiers UB-12, UB-18 and UB-24 are the most powerful universal humidifiers with humidification outputs ranging from 6 kg/h to 12 kg/h. Control is possible with continuous proportional control signal and also with wired remote control or on/off operation with hygrostat. The aerosol pipes are prepared for the reception of HT pipes.

AquaDrain ensures hygienic operation. The air volume flow is provided by two integrated cross flow fans. Applications are diverse, as the compact design also allows for subsequent integration.

Accessories - Universal air humidification

Accessories for universal humidifiers come with mounting aids such as leakage basins and wall brackets for simple and quick installation. In addition, hose adapters, filter boxes and ozone modules are available for some models.

Fresh produce humidification

The series GOL and GOL/FB are designed for the humidification of fresh produce and are used in supermarkets and retail business for fruit and vegetables. Installation in prepared furniture and counters or subsequent integration is possible without much additional effort and the spoilage of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and cut flowers can be markedly reduced. The cyclic drainage system AquaDrain and integrated ozone generators provide hygienic safety.


The products of the GOL series are specifically designed for the humidification of food with demineralized water. The service spectrum ranges from GOL-1 with a humidification output of 0.5 kg/h to GOL-6 with an output of 3 kg/h. Manual output control is done via a rotary potentiometer on the control bevel of the stainless steel housing.

For hygienic reasons, the GOL series devices are equipped with ozone generators and AquaDrain. The fresh produce humidifiers can be integrated in prepared fruit & vegetables furniture or be installed later. In terms of sustainability, humidification results in lower markdowns.


The products of the GOL series are specifically designed for the humidification of food with demineralized water. The service spectrum ranges from the GOL-1 with 0.5 kg/h to GOL-6 with an output of 3 kg/h. The humidification output is controlled via the wired remote control.

For hygienic reasons, the GOL series devices are equipped with ozone generators and AquaDrain. The fresh produce humidifiers can be integrated in prepared fruit & vegetables furniture/counters or be installed later. In terms of sustainability, humidification results in lower markdowns.

Accessories - Fresh produce humidification

The accessories for fresh produce humidification can be easily installed, even later on. For further information, please read the product data sheets.

Humidification of smallest quantities

The humidifier KMB for smallest quantities with a humidification output of 0.5 kg/h is the smallest humidifier of the AIRWIN group. Control ranges from 0-10 V. KMB is mainly used for special applications in local humidification in connection with production processes or in air-conditioning or measuring chambers. A great advantage of the KMB is its compactness.


Series expires, successor device in Q3/2022

The compact humidifier for smallest quantities is used for humidification outputs up to 0.5 kg/h. Common applications include small volumes such as measuring or laboratory cabinets. Optionally, the KMB, which is designed to work with an existing airflow, can also be equipped also with a fan module which allows for spot humidification without existing ventilation. The precise control is operated via a 0-10 V control signal.

Accessories - Smallest quantity humidification

Optional extensions for smallest quantity humidification are the AquaDrain module for cyclic drainage of the integrated fluid tank and the fan module, which can simply be attached to the KMB.

Control and monitoring

For the control and monitoring of ultrasonic humidifiers, AIRWIN provides control cabinets with integrated continuous controllers for continuous proportional control. Humidity sensors which can be connected to the continuous controller and hygrostats for single-stage and two-stage operation are also available.


The control cabinets SUR/P and SUR/PT come with the continuous controller BO-CT1. By evaluating the reference variable relative humidity, connected humidifiers may be controlled continuously proportionally.

The control cabinet SUR/PT is also equipped with a power transformer which is responsible for the power supply of the humidifier.

Humidity sensors

To determine the reference variable of relative humidity, we offer different humidity sensors for wall or duct mounting.


For easy control of the humidifiers, we offer one- and two-stage hygrostats. They can also be used as safety element limit hygrostats to avoid excess humidity.

Accessories - Control and monitoring

Accessories include the multi-coupler BO-CSA-6, the continuous control BO-CT1 as well as the respective extensions such as communication interfaces and other modules.

Accessories AIRWIN

The accessories for humidification provide operation and installation kits. In addition to transformers in the housing or for installation in the control cabinet, mounting kits such as leakage basins, wall brackets or mounting frames facilitate the installation.

Additional modules